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Kaiga nuclear plant poses no health hazard: NPCL

Karwar: There has been no increase in morbidity patterns due to radiation in any nuclear power plant in the country, including Kaiga, and the radiation dose to the public is well within AERB stipulations, officials said today.

“The operation of nuclear power plants poses no health hazard to the surrounding population. Indeed the radiation dose to the public at all nuclear power plants over the years has been a very small fraction of the limit stipulated by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board,” Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited said in a press release here today.

The clarifications came in the wake of doubts expressed in a section of media over the radiation level at Kaiga nuclear power plant, which recently saw a fire alarm go off due to a technical snag in a power generating unit.

The core safety objective in operating a nuclear power plant is to ensure no undue radiation exposure to occupational workers, public and environment, which has been achieved by adopting appropriate technologies, personal protection measures and best practices, it said.

There has been no measurable increase in the rate of cancers in the population as a result of operation of nuclear power plants, it added.

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