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Kasab Has Sexual Dreams In Jail, Wants To Wed

Mumbai: India’s most famous 23-yr-old death row convict Mohammed Ajmal Kasab is longing for some female company, say jail doctors, according to a Mumbai Mirror report.

Faced with a death sentence for gunning down several innocent people, Ajmal Kasab is longing for the most natural thing in the world – female company, his doctors say.

The terrorist has confessed to prison officials that he has sexual dreams and wants to get married.

“Even an Indian girl will do,” he has allegedly told his doctors.

“He was complaining of cough and cold in between so we had gone to check him. It was during the examination that he admitted to being lonely. We reassured him that it is natural for someone his age and there was no reason to worry,” said a doctor who had examined him recently, requesting anonymity.

During subsequent interactions with the doctors who tend to him regularly at Arthur Road Jail, Kasab expressed his desire to get married.

Experts say Kasab’s condition is not unusual. “He has been in solitary confinement for a long now time and is desperate for physical intimacy,” said another doctor. Rajendra Dhamne, superintendent of Arthur Road Jail emphatically denied the reports saying, “He does not even look at people while talking, how can he discuss such personal things?”

In countries like the US and UK, convicts are allowed a certain number of conjugal visits. In India convicts can meet their spouses only by making a plea for parole or furlough. Except for doctors and a few prison officials, Kasab has little or no interaction with the outside world.

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