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Kiran More applies for amnesty, to get BCCI one-time benefit

New Delhi(PTI): Former India wicketkeeper Kiran More has applied for amnesty from the Indian Cricket Board and is confident that he would be back in the fold of the parent body in near future.

More, who had joined the now-defunct Indian Cricket League (ICL) back in 2007 was banned for joining the unsactioned league. He along with Kapil Dev were the only two former Test players who didn’t accept the amnesty offer from BCCI back in 2009.

But now the 50-year-old More, who last served as chairman of senior selection committee is ready to get back under aegis of BCCI and will also be eligible for the BCCI one-time benefit payment.

“I had already written to the BCCI that I have severed ties with ICL and is ready to take the amnesty offer. I had written the letter one and half month back. I have been assured that the matter is in process and I will be granted amnesty very soon. Since the IPL is on, the procedure is taking some time,” More told PTI today.

As far as the benefit scheme goes, More who has played 49 Tests and 94 ODIs will be eligible for a payment of Rs 60 lakh, which will now receive once he gets the green light from the BCCI.

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