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Lahore attack: Taliban says we did it; Pak says no, India did it

Lahore: Pakistan’s intelligence agencies have reportedly linked India to Wednesday’s triple bombings on a religious procession in Lahore, which killed at least 37 people, and left 250 injured.

According to sources, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) has claimed to have unearthed the modus operandi of the terrorists and collected visible evidence.

“These were three suicidal bombers who exploded their vests at three points. They are Afghani, Indian or having nationality of any other country, it will be made public within few days,” The Nation quoted a source, as saying.

Meanwhile, sources in the joint investigation team (JIT) said that the back-to-back attacks were carried out by three youths aged between 15 and 19 years.

“The evidences suggest that our neighbouring hostile state is involved in the attacks as they do not lead towards the involvement of any banned outfit. Thus, it is irrational to say that any defunct group was involved in the attacks,” said Mohammad Aslam Tareen, Capital City Police Officer (CCPO).

The allegations have been made despite the fact that Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) had claimed responsibility for carrying out the attack.

TTP spokesman Qari Hussain had said that they carried out the attack to avenge the assassination of its leader Ali Sher Hyderi.

“We have avenged the death of leaders and Ulema who have been killed at the behest of infidels. This was a revenge, and we will also avenge the murder of other Ulema and party activists soon,” Hussain had said.

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