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Lalu hits back, calls Nitin Gadkari ‘mentally bankrupt’

Patna: RJD supremo Lalu Prasad hit back at Nitin Gadkari for his derogatory remarks against him and Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav for not supporting the cut motions in the Lok Sabha, saying the BJP President has gone “mentally bankrupt.”

“We will first try to give Gadkari tablets to cure his mental bankruptcy, then put him on capsules and if the tablets and capsules fail, we will put him on injection,” Prasad told a press conference in Patna.

On Gadkari criticising the SP, RJD and BSP for not backing the NDA during the cut motions, alleging that they did so out of fear of the CBI, Prasad countered that Gadkari was spearheading a campaign against the CBI to save several leaders of his party who had allegedly stashed unaccounted black money with Swiss banks.

He claimed that since the CBI was about to take permission from the Congress-led government at the Centre for their prosecution, “Gadkari is spearheading a campaign against the investigating agency. The BJP president is desperate.”

The Congress, he said, was scanning files involving ommission and commission by BJP leaders when the NDA was in power at the Centre, the RJD chief said.

He claimed that the CBI may be seeking the help of Interpol to uncover the money in Swiss banks and to know its source. “We are once again being targeted for political purposes and to pre-empt the CBI from prosecuting them,” he added.

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