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LeT threat to Commonwealth Games: US expert

New Delhi: The Commonwealth Games face a threat from Pakistan-based terror group Lashkar-e-Taiba and other militant outfits, which, according to a US think-tank, may be planning an attack during the event.

Vice-President of Tactical Intelligence, Stratfor, Scott Stewart replied in affirmative when asked whether the sporting event scheduled in October faces any terror threat.

“Yes. Two days after the February 13, 2010 blast in Pune, Ilyas Kashmiri (wanted al-Qaeda terrorist) threatened the Field Hockey World Cup, the Indian Premier League cricket competition and the Commonwealth Games,” Stewart said in an interview.

In support of his claims, the Stratfor analyst quoted a warning of “continue attacks all across India until the Indian army leaves Kashmir” posted by Kashmiri via the Asia Times Online on February 13 this year.

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