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Low-intensity blast outside Delhi HC

New Delhi: Delhi Police sources said the explosion that took place in a car parking lot outside the Delhi High Court on Wednesday afternoon was of low intensity.

The police sources further said the blast took place in a plastic bag placed near a white Ford Figo car and not inside the car itself, as earlier suspected.

News agency PTI quoted Delhi Police as saying that the blast was caused by low intensity explosive.

Forensic tests will be carried out on the contents of the bag to ascertain the material that was kept inside the bag.

Police official are not ruling out foul play as yet.

The explosion took place near the gate number seven of the High Court. It was earlier being speculated that the car’s radiator might have blasted due to intense heat.

The Police Control Room had received information about the blast at about 1.24 pm. Soon after, ambulances, fire brigades were rushed to the site of explosion along with the police. A bomb disposal squad is also at the site.

No injuries or casualties have been reported so far, though few cars placed in the vicinity of Ford Figo got damaged.

The name of the car owner also has not been established yet.

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