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Michael Jackson An Era that came to an End

Michael Jackson An Era that came to an End

Michael Jackson, the name that almost everyone in this world is familiar with. There is almost no choreographer in this world now who is not inspired by Michael. When someone dances well, first comparison will be made comparing to Michael. Who don’t know him ? From a small kid to an old man, everyone who knows music and everyone who knows dance knows Michael.

Michael Jackson, the man who lived in controversies. Be it with dance moves or with his personal life style. Whether his new album is there in the market or not, His albums are number one for decades. Only today some hundreds of millions of his songs are downloaded across the world. Among them more than 50 millions songs are only from itures. Everyone thinks that he is such a Rich and Popular person and he will never ever get into problems. They don’t know that he ran into financial problems. He earned a lot, as much as one cannot earn in few decades, but he spent most of that money in off court settlements and later ran into financial problems. Till now no one really knows whether the allegations made about him are true or not. Many says that many of the people around him used him for money. But he always tried to settle his issues off the court peacefully.

He is a celebrity. Celebrity among celebrities. Celebrity in every country. every heart and in every other celebrities feelings. How he led his life, and what are his controversies, keeping them aside. He is King. King of Pop. King of music and dance. There are no music directors and dancers who are not inspired by him. There are almost no Actor who did not imitate his moves. He was born to create History.

Now Micheal Jackson is History.

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