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Modi brands Bachchan critics as ‘Taliban of Public life’

Gandhinagar: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Monday criticized those objecting to Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan’s presence at Mumbai’s Bandra Worli sea link bridge inauguration, labeling them ”Talibans of Public life.’

In his latest blog, Modi strongly defended Bachchan’s right to be at the ceremony.

Bachchan’s presence at the function had triggered resentment among some Congressmen, as he is the brand ambassador for Gujarat and said to be close to Modi.

“These Talibans of Untouchability have lost all their sensibilities in their pursuit of anti-Gujarat attitudes,” Modi said.

“Respected Mahatma Gandhi had worked ceaselessly for the removal of untouchability from our social life during his life time. But these people, while brandishing Mahatama Gandhi’s name, are, in fact, busy creating a new viciousness in the flow of our public life,” he added.

Modi described Bachchan as a great artist with legendary humility and even taller achievements who has chosen to celebrate the glorious heritage of Gujarat and her identity even while facing a lot of criticism from many quarters. This is inspiring, he said.

He said, the anti-Gujarat game plan behind the opposition and the controversy over Bachchan stood exposed now.

“They may well in future tell us not to eat even salt. They may even ban the eating of Amul butter and milk and order our young people not to wear denim jeans! And guess why? Because Gujarat produces these things,” Modi said.

“Friends, my heart is still unwilling to believe that these Talibans are unaware of the damage they are causing to this nation and to our society,” he added.

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