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Modi’s letter in Italian to Sonia

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi had a tiff with Congress president Sonia Gandhi during the Lok Sabha elections. The fight may resume again.

Modi on Friday had a dig at Gandhi, who is chairperson of the ruling United Progressive Alliance, and said he would write a letter in Italian to draw the Centre’s attention on rising prices.

“I have written a number of letters to the Central Government on the issue of price rise. I have written letters in the language they can understand urging them to take steps to do something about the rising prices of food items,” Modi said.

“But I think that they have no empathy for the poor people and it seems that they are not willing to take steps to control rising prices,” he said. “Now I need to write a letter in Italian.”

“They (Centre) had organised a meeting on the issue of price rise. But have now postponed it saying that they have some other work. I don’t understand what work is more important than addressing the issue of price rise,” Modi said at a public rally in Patan district.

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