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Mtv Roadie Tamanna Sex Scandal

Mtv Roadie Tamanna Fake MMS Scandal

Tamanna this years Mtv roadie hit the news in the form of a sex scandal. A Video is roaming around which is having a girl who looks like Mtv roadie Tamanna having sex with a guy whose face is not seen in the video. And not only the looks the girl in the video is also wearing a black thread around her neck like Tamanna do. Because of these similarities everyone is believing that the girl is Tamanna and spreading the video like wildfire.

But when you look closely, one can easily tell that the girl in the video is not Tamanna. Apart from black thread, the girl in the video is wearing a cross attached to the thread while Tamanna wears an Om symbol and except in few frames, in other frames she looks entirely different from this roadie babe.



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