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Mumbai bounces back to life soon after blasts

Mumbai: The country’s commercial capital bounced back to life just over twelve hours after three blasts shook the city, as the people of Mumbai responded splendidly to the latest terror strike.

Educational institutions and offices reported almost full attendance and business in the city was back in full swing as most Mumbaikars chose to report to work despite the city being on alert after 21 people were killed and over 140 injured in last evening’s blasts in three congested markets.

“Trains were crowded like before and everyone in our office showed up on time,” Jason Pereira, an executive in a south Mumbai firm, said.

Children went to school as usual and many people started early for work anticipating delay in trains on account of rains, only to find scores of others also turning up ahead of time just a day after the serial blasts.

“Most of the office-goers have resumed their daily routine,” said Meera Kamath, an executive working in Mahalaxmi, who was surprised at the usual crowd in the local train as not even a day had passed since the terror attack.

The spirit of Mumbai residents was lauded today by Union Home Minister P Chidambaram, who said, “People of Mumbai have responded splendidly (to the terror attacks).

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