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Muslims running after El Asira ; A Online Sex Shop

The Hague: The new erotic website aimed at ‘pleasuring’ the Muslim community without offending the strict Sharia Law has received encouraging results just days within its opening.

“We had about 70,000 hits in the first four days,” founder Abdelaziz Aouragh (29) is quoted as saying in news reports.

The website was launched in Netherlands and went online a week ago.

The young Dutch founder of El Asira.com said that the website was aimed at providing the people with an alternative to pornographic websites.

All the products available through the website are ‘halal’, or ‘permissible under Islam’. Ther is absolutely no pornographic material on the website. The pictures are all that of the products available on sale.

“Most of the other products out there have pictures of naked people or foul language – it was very difficult to find ones that I could use in my business,” Aouragh said.

But there is nothing sleazy about ‘El Asira’ — ‘Society’ in Arabic. Indeed, the website looks positively demure, reports Times Online.

Aouragh, a Dutch citizen born and raised in Amsterdam of Moroccan parents, shared that the whole idea behind the website is to break the notions about how strict and restricting Islam is or even the religion’s hostility towards women.

“There is a lot of love. Islam has a lot of respect for women. Our shop puts the woman at the centre of things,” he told Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad.

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