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My yatra is not for CM’s post: Jaganmohan Reddy

Srikakulam: Congress MP Y S Jaganmohan Reddy, who has been critical of the party leadership for opposing his yatra, came out against Chief Minister K Rosaiah about his eyeing the CM’s post.

“Rosaiah reportedly said that I am in a hurry to become the Chief Minister, I am asking you, am I here to console or to ask for chief minister’s post? I have come here to console. I do not understand why there is worry about the chief minister’s post. I think we should be ashamed of this politics,” Jagan said.

Rosaiah, who is opposed to the yatra, had told a TV channel that ‘he (Jagan) is a young boy with a lot of future. He needs proper advice. He can dream, aspire and try for the CM’s post but there is a method to try and get it.’

“It is not a post to be captured by doing something. Jaganmohan Reddy could have waited for sometime and staked his claim.”

Rounding off his four-day yatra to the district, Jagan said at Ranasthalam, “When I started the yatra I thought local MLAs would also come with me. I do not understand why consoling is also politicised. Though the MLAs and MPs are not with me their hearts are here. They are sending their family members with me.”

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