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Naxal leader rejects Govt’s offer for talks

New Delhi: Even as the Home Minister P Chidambarm offers talks to the Naxals to bring about an end to their relentless violence, the Naxals have rejected the ceasefire offer on CNN-IBN.

Naxal area commander in the Chattisgarh- Ramanna, CPI (M) Special Zonal Committee, speaking exclusively to CNN-IBN has said: “The Government should first stop operation Green Hunt.”

Regarding, Sunday’s massacre in Dantewada where 35 were killed, including civilians, the Maoists are saying that they did not target civilians. They say their target were Koya Commanders.

CNN-IBN correspondent Rupashree Nanda spoke with Ramanna from Bastar.

CNN-IBN: What you have to say about yesterday’s (Sunday) killing of civilians?

Ramanna: It is alleged that Maoists targeted civilians. Our target was Koya Commanders. Our aim was precise and correct. Sixteen Koya Commanders are dead. Police were using civilians as human shields.

CNN-IBN: Are you saying that you did the right thing in killing innocent people?

Ramanna: Our target was not civilians. Our target was the Koya Commanders. The administration used civilians as human shields, so they got killed. But I regret this.

CNN-IBN: Are you ready to give up violence and accept the offer for talks?

Ramanna: Our party has already responded to Chidambaram’s offer. The Government did not believe us. There is a heavy presence of security forces here and their atrocities are continuing every day. When villagers are fleeing, what is the purpose of talks?

CNN-IBN: Don’t you think that it’s worth giving talks a chance?

Ramanna: First the administration has to stop Operation Green Hunt and create an atmosphere of peace. We cannot give up our weapons. We are not ready to give up our weapons.

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