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Nepalese minor girl rescued in Mumbai

Mumbai: The Mumbai police rescued 15-year-old Nepalese girl Pooja Sonar and seven other Nepalese boys from the clutches of the agents, who allured to send them to foreign countries for work.

The police have arrested a male agent named Farookh Khan and a female named Ayesha Khatoon in the case.

It has been reported that the female agent Khatoon kept the girl in her house for the past one month.

“Pooja was brought to Mumbai lured that she will be sent to Saudi for work. In Mumbai Ayesha Khatoon the agent kept her in in Mahim for one month. When she was in her house, she got to know that in the same house six to seven Nepalese boys were there to be sent to gulf,” said Additional Commissioner of Police (ACP) Prabhakar R Satam.

“A manpower consultant is also found involved in this racket and the police have arrested four persons named, Mohammad Aziz Khan, Mohammad Sahijad Khan, Faiyaz Saifi and Sonu Chaudhry,” he added.

The girl Pooja said that she had come to Mumbai with the ambition to earn money in some foreign country.

“I have a young brother, a mother and a husband. I was newly married, the agent told my mother and husband that ‘I will send her well and she will get work in good house’. My husband agreed and sent me. I also wanted to go to foreign to earn,” said Pooja.

The police raided the house after a rescued man named Ghansham called Nepali Mazdoor Union office and informed them about the plight of those brought to Mumbai.

“When raided it was found that there was this girl. This is for the first time we got agents also. The two agents are doing this for past twenty years. Eleven Nepalese passports are found from them and police is inquiring in the matter,” said Raj Thakur, President of Nepali Shramik Mazdoor Union.

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