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No proposal to include OBCs for quota in promotion: Govt

New Delhi(PTI): Despite UPA constituent DMK and outside supporter Samajwadi Party seeking extension of quota in promotion to OBCs, Government today said in Rajya Sabha that there is no such proposal under consideration at present.

In a written reply, Minister of State for Social Justice D Napoleon said that “at present there is no proposal under consideration of the government to provide reservation in promotion to Other Backward Classes and backward minorities”.

Arvind Singh from Samajwadi Party, which is opposing the constitutional amendment bill to bring in quota in promotion for SCs/STs, wanted to know the details of the legislation.

He also wanted to know whether it would also provide for the same for OBCs and backward minorities also on ground of their backwardness.

In reply to the first question, Napoleon said that the government has introduced a bill in the Rajya Sabha on September 5 to amend the Article 16 (4A) of the Constitution in order to provide impediment free reservation to the SCs/ST in the matter of promotion.

The minister’s reply in the Upper House came on a day when the government made another attempt to take up the Constitution amendment bill for consideration and passing but it was thwarted by members from the Samajwadi Party and NDA constituent Shiv Sena.

Members from BSP and SP had earlier clashed in the Upper House on the issue yesterday, when the bill was introduced.

DMK, a key ally UPA ally, on Wednesday backed Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav on the issue of reservations in promotions for the OBCs.

DMK chief M Karunanidhi said in a statement that his party was in full agreement with Yadav’s plea for including OBCs along with SCs and STs categories for reservations in promotions for central government jobs.

DMK MP Vasanthi Stanley told reporters outside Parliament today, “We are in favour of reservation for SCs/STs but wanted the inclusion of OBCS”.

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