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No question of protecting Modi: Pawar

New Delhi: Suspended IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi will have to face the music if he is found guilty of corruption, according to ICC President Sharad Pawar who made it clear that there was no question of ‘protecting’ his one-time protege.

Pawar said the recent corruption scandal has tarnished the image of IPL to some extent and Modi was paying the price for his controversial style of functioning which had not gone down well with the BCCI’s top brass.

Asked specifically if he would protect Modi in case he is found guilty of financial irregularities in running the IPL, Pawar said: “No question of protecting anybody. Not only Modi but anybody. If somebody has committed some mistake he will have to face the music”.

Pawar, who took over as ICC President from Englishman David Morgan earlier this month, said Modi should be given credit for making IPL a global brand but his style of functioning was the problem.

“IPL, the product has been a success in this country. It has established that India can also organise such things and there he (Modi) has taken lots of pain there is no two opinion about that. If somebody has contributed one has also to accept that contribution,” he told Karan Thapar in ‘Devil’s Advocate’ programme on CNN-IBN.

“But his style of functioning has become controversial and the present Board feels they should go in-depth (probe). The Board has deputed a committee and let us see what is the outcome. From what I know of BCCI it will take an appropriate decision and take steps to improve their functioning and image,” Pawar pointed out.

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