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Now, a ‘jihad’ against prostitutes

London: An imam has been accused of launching a ‘jihad’ against prostitutes in a city in southern Spain by encouraging women to harass and intimidate them.

The streetwalkers in Cartagena, on Spain’s southern Mediterranean coast, complained that the imam, who is now facing a restraining order to prevent him from harassing them, wants to get them off the streets.

Yazid Koudri, president of the Islamic community of Cartagena and the imam of the Ennour mosque, has been accused of sending a team of “Muslim guards” onto the streets to prevent the women from working.

Police confirm that they have received several complaints from prostitutes working in the streets around the mosque, including one woman who claimed the imam had tried to run her over in his car.

Others said the imam sent a team of his faithful onto the streets encouraging them to “insult the sex workers” and “threaten violence.”

Koudri has openly lobbied authorities to crack down on the red light district, which has emerged on several streets around the mosque in what local newspapers have termed a “jihad against prostitution.”

Last month, he presented a petition to the city hall, calling for more policing of the area. The letter had more than 200 signatures, believed to be collected from among the 300 people who regularly worship at the mosque.

“We are not against what these women do,” the Telegraph quoted Koudri as saying.

“But ask that they don’t do it in the streets where our children walk,” he stated.

Members of the mosque have reportedly been placed at the entrance to streets favoured by prostitutes to prevent any Muslim passing through.

The women complained that the act has led to a drop in clients, and the local prosecutor has applied for a restraining order to prevent the imam from going within 200 yards of the sex workers.

Prostitution is legal in Spain, although living off earnings derived from prostituting other people is not.

One comment


    Dear Sir,here is my response by way of a poem titled :” Imam and the prostitute”.


    Please retain your calm

    My dear Imam

    Lead the prayers

    And to the needy- give alms

    As per religious laws

    Your role is defined

    A pros is forced

    To follow the role designed

    To save herself and family

    From hunger and penury

    My dear Imam

    The pros’s charms

    Intend no harm

    Let her earn her daily bread

    She too has a right to be well-fed

    Each one’s task

    while on earth they bask

    is well outlined

    by the Will Divine

    You do your duty

    And forget the rest

    Leave them to do

    What to them seems best

    Live and let live in peace

    Should be the motto of every priest

    Then why this hue and cry

    The poor pros’s goose to fry?

    You pray for the world’s

    Peace and prosperity

    Let her take care

    of her adversity

    Teach your followers

    To be strong in mind

    That they fall not prey

    To allurements of any kind

    Be not your brothers’ conscience keeper

    Be a truly spiritual seeker

    Remember not even Christ cast

    A word of reproach on Magdalene’s past.


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