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Now, download the new Rupee symbol for free

New Delhi: Although the government says that it will be sometime before the Rupee symbol becomes commercially available, for computer users downloading this brand new identity is now just a few clicks away.

Mangalore based internet engineering company Foradian Technologies has come up with the font called Rupee Foradian; available for download on its website for free.

The company created a vector image of the new Rupee sign and mapped the ‘grave accent’ symbol — the key just above the tab button on the keyboard — with it. This keystroke was chosen because most users and programmers don’t use it.

The Rupee font can be downloaded from Foradian blog- http://blog.foradian.com/.

“We know that font creation is not a rocket science. Anyone with a good knowledge in computers can do it. There are many free tools available too. If a small company like Foradian can do like this, just think what the Indian Govt and Media working together can achieve to get the rupee symbol into all PCs and Keyboards. It is possible and can be done in days”, said Foradian in a statement.

The Union Cabinet on Thursday gave its approval to the symbol which combines the Roman letter ‘R’ with the Devnagri ‘Ra’. The goal is to adopt it nationally within the next six months.

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