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Onion prices climb further; prices to ease in 2-3 weeks

New Delhi: Onion prices today continued to soar across the country, touching up to Rs 85 per kg in some retail markets, as the government virtually pleaded helplessness for another two-three weeks while Prime Minister Manmohan Singh stepped into the scene.

The prices of onions have soared to Rs 70-80 per kg in retail markets from Rs 35-40 just a few days ago due to shortage on account of damage to crops in Maharashtra, Gujarat and some southern states because of rains that has triggered hoarding.

“Onion prices will remain high for the next 2-3 weeks and the situation is likely to improve only after that,” Food and Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar told reporters.

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  1. Seems Sharad Pawar is a ” PART TIME ” Agriculture Minister. His full time is to to be busy in investing ??? Money in Lavasa, IPL, Sugar Companies, Contracts etc…for his family and get share or Free Equity. I think the day Lavasa would get green signal, Onion price would come down. As a good alliance its the duty of Mamta and Sharad Pawar to share some responsibility of being ” In Famous”, and just not leave it to Cong-DMK to grab headlines in Media. Isn’t it sad that our IB could hint that the Onion could be in future because of Crop Failure, but cannot if any Politician is useless for country.

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