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Pak-bound ship with explosives detained in WB

Kolkata: Authorities have detained a Pakistan-bound cargo vessel containing military hardware and explosives at West Bengal’s Diamond Harbour.

The ship, which has Liberian registration, was on its way to Karachi from Bangladesh’s Chittagong port.

Officials at the Diamond Harbour have found ship to be loaded with anti-aircraft guns and rocket launchers, besides ammunition and smoke bombs.

“It’s surprising why the Pakistan-bound vessel was passing through Indian waters,” says West Bengal’s Inspector General of Police (Law and Order) S Karpurakayastha.

The ship was detained on an intelligence tip-off. The Navy, the Coast Guard and the police have cordoned off the ship and are searching it. They are also verifying its documents and are currently questioning the crew members.

They are also trying to verify whether the consignment being carried by the ship was legal.

So far no link has been established between the ship and its possible link to any terror outfit. Authorities believe that the ship was passing through international waters but strayed into Indian waters.

Previously, several ships and airplanes with arms and ammunition have accidentally strayed into Indian air space and waters. However, most of them were found to be carrying legal consignments.

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