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Pak General’s son-in-law kidnapped in Lahore

Lahore: The civilian son-in-law of a senior Pakistani general has been kidnapped in the city of Lahore, a senior official said on Friday, heightening concerns about security in a country grappling with floods and militants.

Rana Sanaullah, law minister of Punjab province of which Lahore is the capital, said the motive was unclear for the kidnapping of the son-in-law of General Tariq Majid, chairman of the powerful army’s Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee.

Majid has a largely ceremonial function in the army. But the kidnapping of his son-in-law is likely to add to a sense of deteriorating law and order in the country with an unpopular civilian government, devastating floods and a Taliban militant insurgency. Some six to eight men kidnapped Aamir Malik, a leader of a traders’ body, on Wednesday night.

“Multiple teams” of police and security agencies were trying to find him, said Sanaullah, who is also responsible for security matters in the province. “The kidnappers have not yet made any contact,” Sanaullah said.

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