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Pak sends extra troops to India border

London: Pakistan has sent extra troops to its border with India due to rising tensions, the country’s High Commissioner to the UK Wajid Shamsul Hasan has said, adding Islamabad had been ‘unsettled’ by pressure on its eastern border.

Hasan told London-based ‘Financial Times’ that assertiveness by New Delhi was sapping his country’s ability to fight Pakistani Taliban militants.

“He (Hasan) said Islamabad had been unsettled by pressure on its eastern border created by the building of military cantonments close to the sensitive frontier over the past year,” the newspaper reported.

“This is taking away from our defence capabilities on the Afghan border.”
According to Pakistan’s top officials, rising tensions with India allegedly prevented it from expanding its military campaign against Taliban militants on its western border, it said.

“The government has had to send some troops down there because we don’t want to leave ourselves exposed,” Hasan said.

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