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Pakistan unhappy at US backing India’s UNSC bid

New Delhi: India is pleased with the US President but his endorsement of India for a permanent seat in the UNSC has generated discomfort in Pakistan.

Reactions to this unambiguous but broad endorsement have been mixed but the Indian government, which has been lobbying hard for this statement is satisfied.

Some analysts have been dismissive – citing the absence of a timeline. But Pakistan was irritated enough to issue, within hours, a 6 para statement condemning the endorsement. The MEA in turn was dismissive of Islamabad saying, “The endorsement was both symbolic and substantive. It was an important political statement. We will wait and watch reactions from other G4 countries.”

Four out of 5 P5 countries are now in India’s corner; with only China left to reveal it’s hand. But Obama also indicated the political price he may extract.

There remain other complications. Japan a fellow bidder from Asia could hurt India’s chances. And the reform process itself is complicated and could take several years.

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