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Pakistani kites are going fill Indian skies

In the coming spring season, Pakistani kites could be seen dotting Indian skylines, as the Lahore High Court (LHC) has passed an order barring kite flying during ‘Basant’, one of the six Hindu seasons.

The Lahore High Court has dismissed a writ petition seeking directions to lift the ban on kite flying, observing that the court cannot permit the license to kill in the name of the Basant festival as it was a dangerous activity.

“The Punjab government has been closely monitoring kite flying activities and on the basis of past experience, it has been found that permission of kite flying is against the public interest as it involves loss of life and property,” the verdict said further.

Farasat Ali Butt, senior member of the Pakistan Kite Flying Association, said that the kite flying associations in New Delhi and Mumbai had contacted him and asked him to celebrate Basant in their country.

Butt said the Indian kite flying associations also told him that they would bear all the expenses of their travel and accommodation.

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