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Patient dies as govt doctor on duty ‘slept’

Kanpur: An elderly man suffering from diarrhoea died in a government hospital in Kanpur after which his relatives staged a protest alleging that the doctor on duty at the late night shift was sleeping and failed to provide timely help to him when his condition worsened.

The incident took place on Friday at Ursula hospital when 65-year-old Kuresha, who was admitted to the hospital few days back, suddenly started suffering from severe pain. However, the doctor, A K Pandey — who was on night duty — did not turn up as he was sleeping, the relatives of the patient alleged.

When the relatives protested the doctor’s attitude, Pandey came and started abusing them. He then removed the oxygen mask from Kuresha’s mouth and went back to sleep.

Kuresha died after sometime, they said.

Following the incident, the relatives created uproar at the hospital which lasted till morning.

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