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Patna boy is youngest professor at IIT-B

Mumbai: Patna-born child prodigy Dr Tathagat Tulsi has taken up a job as professor at Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay at the age of 22. Tulsi is possibly the youngest Assistant Professor at IIT. He will join the IIT faculty at Powai in Mumbai next week.

He had finished high school at the age of nine, earned his BSc degree at 10, and MSc degree at 12 and then received his Doctorate in Quantum Computing from the Indian Institute of Science at the age of 21.

He will now teach Physics at IIT Bombay.

The Bihar boy has already turned down an offer from Waterloo University in Canada despite a lucrative pay package. In 2003, the prestigious Time magazine named him among the world’s seven most gifted youngsters, though he went into a shell after an international delegation called him a fake prodigy in 2001.

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