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Popular actress charges 1 Lakh per hour reveals Bhuvaneswari

Two days since the arrest of actress bhuvaneswari,the news still, doesn’t seem to stop,as more reports of the findings are published every hour.Bhuvaneswari is said to have revealed the names of many yesteryear actresses who organise such activities directly or indirectly.

Venting out anger,bhuvaneswari seems to have given the list of top actresses engaged in prostitution,to the police.With the details divulged to the press,some local newspapers have published the names of some of them.One popular tamil newspaper reported that top actresses of 1990`s – have their own network.Also malayalam actress who have acted in B-grade films are also involved in this.The report also said that a Popular actressescharges more than 1lac per hour.The truth & authenticity of these revealings by Bhuvaneswari is also investigated.

Some of our sources also say that not only these,but many leading actresses of recent times as well of the past ,are into high-class escort services & everyone within the Police,Press & Film Industry are shocked by the revelations & the magnitude of the network.

he arrest of actress Bhuvaneswari is giving sleepless nights to many top actresses,as she has given the list of actresses in this trade to the police.Now,a local tamil newspaper from Chennai, has published her statement given to the police,wherein she says that popular actress with bulky & plump structure , charges 1 lakh rupees for an hour.

Actress Bhuvaneswari,who charges Rs.30,000 per hour has said, ‘I have a son studying in ninth standard & I entertain only those customers who are interested in me.Since I deal with small customers,I get caught often.But a top bulky actress charges Rs.1lakh for an hour.Since they work with high-class customers,it is difficult to catch her.” in her statement.The newspaper mentions ‘top bulky actress’ as Namitha.

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  1. I think she deserves Rs.30,000

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