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Prabhakaran is alive: LTTE spokesman Tamil Maaran

et another report claiming that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) chief, V Prabharakan is alive has surfaced.

A new website, lttepress.com, which claims to be the official website of the rebel outfit, a few days ago published that the Tiger chief is alive.

Terming the Sri Lankan government’s assertions that LTTE founder V Prabhakaran was killed in an encounter in May 2009 as ‘rumours’, Tamil Maaran, the spokesperson of the Tigers, promised the citizens of Tamil Eelam that the Tamil chief will appear before them.

“Keeping in mind the present situation of our people and the international scenario and the Sri Lankan government’s aim, our leader has redesigned the next move of our freedom struggle,’’ said Maaran.

“Our struggle will continue under the leadership of Prabhakaran in different forms and we will not allow any force which tries to cheat our people,’’ Maaran added.

The LTTE spokesperson told a bi-weekly magazine that LTTE’s intelligence wing chief Potuu Amman is also alive.

In the special interview with ‘Junior Vikatan’, he also stated that Prabhakaran’s wife Mathivadani, one of his sons Balachandiran and daughter Dwaraka are safe too.

When asked about ‘Prabhakaran’s body’, which was shown in Lankan media about eight months ago, Maaran commented sarcastically that only the ‘real architects’ Rajapaksa and Sarath Fonseka know the ‘technical details’ of the fake body.

According to Maaran, Prabhakaran fought the war till the last day of the battle and safely exited from the war front with the help of more than 100 black tigers.

This is the second time a report like this as emerged. Barely a day after the reports of Prabhakaran’s death hit the headlines, a pro-LTTE website tamilnet.com published an article claiming that Prabhakaran is ‘safe and alive’.

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  1. Our Tamil Eelam National Leader is still alive and he should bring Eelam to Tamils.

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