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Railway minister hints at fare hike

New Delhi: Hinting at a possible revision of passenger fares, Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi Wednesday said the railways are working out a way to meet their financial constraints and social obligations.

The minister suggested dynamic pricing to charge those who can afford to pay while protecting the bulk of the passengers who belong to the lower strata of society.

“We need intelligent thinking on the issue, and we are applying our mind on all possible options,” Trivedi said at the economic editor’s conference here. He said an across the board fare hike will hurt the interest of the bulk of passengers.

Trivedi also said a demand for revision of passenger fare has come not only from the Planning Commission and the parliamentary consultative committee on railways, but from railway unions as well.

The ministry is also planning to set up a separate authority to explore running of high speed trains and another one to generate revenue from railway stations.

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