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Rajinikanth is fine, says his wife Latha

Chennai: Clearing the air on Tamil superstar Rajinikanth’s illness, who was yesterday admitted to ICU at the Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre, the sixty-one year old superstar’s wife Latha held a press conference and told the media that Rajinikanth is doing fine.

Thanking all the fans of Rajini, a confident Latha said, “I would like to thank all of you for the love and affection for this family. He is doing fine, all his organs are fine.”

Citing dehydration and stomach infection as the cause of illness, Latha added that, “Do not write more than necessary. Rajini is in ICU because it is a sterile and protected place. Doctors are working to put him in comfortable parameters.”

When enquired about Rajinikanth’s current health, Latha said, “He had infection which is acute. Its medical treatment should not scare people. Doctors are doing a great job. Please respect our privacy. ”

In a lighter vein, Rajinikanth’s wife added, “Please treat Rajinikanth as a human being. He has not come with supernatural body.”

Meanwhile, a senior doctor, who is treating the Tamil superstar said, “A team of doctors are looking after him. Rajini is a hale and hearty man. He has gastro-intestinal problem and respiratory infection.”

Asked about the dialysis, the doctor said, “Dialysis is not only done for renal failure. I can assure you that Rajini is cheerful. He is not suffering from heart disease. He even cracked four jokes with us, ate two idlis and vada.”

Rajinikanth, who suffered from viral fever and exhaustion, was recently admitted to SRMU at suburban Porur days after he was discharged from another hospital where he had been treated for allergic bronchitis and viral fever.

He had suffered from exhaustion on April 29, the first day of the shoot of his new period film `Rana` co-starring Deepika Padukone, which is being directed by K S Ravikumar.

He was admitted to Isabel Hospital in the city and discharged the same day, only to be readmitted there on May 4 for allergic bronchitis and viral fever.

His family had last week dismissed reports that his health had deteriorated.

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  1. even yamaraj dont have the power to take life of rajni with out his permission i bet you guys doctors will be astonished finally when rajni recover.Doctor are saying now that they has done there job now it is left to rajni how soon he recover

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