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Ramdev Baba does volte-face on Lokpal Bill issue

Ujjain (MP): A day after stating that the Prime Minister and Chief Justice of India should not be brought under the ambit of the proposed Lokpal Bill, Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev today did a volte-face saying he did not make such a statement.

He also said that he was firm on going ahead with his planned indefinite fast against corruption in Delhi from June 4, despite government’s requests to put off the fast.

“I did not say that the proposed Lokpal Bill should not cover the Prime Minister and CJI as their posts are highly dignified,” Ramdev told reporters after ending his one lakh km Bharat Swabhiman Yatra here.

“Keeping the PM and CJI out of the Lokpal’s ambit was never my personal opinion,” he said, adding that there were talks in the public that these posts should not come under the ambit of Lokpal bill.

Ramdev said in Madhya Pradesh’s Sehore district yesterday that the Prime Minister and CJI should not come under the ambit of Lokpal given that these posts were highly dignified.
Baba also praised the CJI, saying that the judiciary in the country was very active.

When asked to comment on Anna Hazare’s statement praising the Prime Minister, he said he was not a spokesman of the anti-graft crusader. “We are companions,” he said.
He said that even though the government representatives were urging him to put off his proposed fast, he would go ahead with the fast. A meeting of our people is taking place over the fast in Delhi, he said.

“I want that the huge black money stashed in foreign banks should be brought back to India. I want to free the country of corruption”, he said.

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