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Ramdev discharged, vows to fight on

Dehradun: Baba Ramdev was discharged from hospital here on Tuesday morning, with doctors asking him not to do yoga and breathing exercises for a few days. The yoga guru said he would keep up the fight against corruption.

“The cruelty and barbarity on people committed on the night of June 4 will not be wasted. I will work till my last breath to fight against corruption to make India an economic superpower,” Ramdev told reporters after being discharged from the Jolly Grant Hospital in the Uttarakhand capital.

Doctors said his blood pressure and pulse rate were normal Tuesday, four days after he was admitted there due to deteriorating health during a nine-day long fast against corruption.

They have also advised him not to do breathing exercises and yoga – something the 46-year-old has hugely popularised in India – for a few days.

“He must take rest till he becomes totally fit. There is no special restriction on food as he takes only fruits,” S.L. Jethwani from the hospital told reporters here.

Asked if another fast may cost Ramdev his health, the doctor said: “If he gets totally well and then goes for a fast, there will be no problem.”

He will leave for his ashram on the outskirts of Haridwar.

Ramdev was being administered saline drips in hospital and was being monitored in a special ward.

He began his fast in Delhi’s Ramlila ground June 4 to demand the recovery of black money stashed abroad by rich Indians, but was evicted in a post midnight police raid and sent to his Haridwar ashram the next morning.

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