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Saudi academy to offer PhD in dreaming

RIYADH: Dreaming of an advanced degree? Try a doctorate in dreams, something which could soon become a reality in a new Saudi academy offering undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Yusuf al-Harthy, a well-known Saudi dream interpreter, plans to start up an institute offering bachelors and masters degrees as well as even a PhD in explaining dreams and visions, Al-Hayat newspaper reported on Sunday.

“Dream interpretation is by nature a way of counseling a person,” said Harthy, who already runs an instructional website on deciphering the meaning of dreams.

His academy will be linked to an unnamed Arab university, he said.

Islam has a long history of dream interpretation, with the seventh century-born scholar Muhammad Ibn Sirin, a native of Basra in present-day Iraq, credited with authoring a classic Islamic catalogue on dream interpretation.

Harthy, who discusses dreams on radio and television shows, disagrees with the Saudi Islamic Affair’s Ministry view that dream interpretation is not a teachable science but something born of inspiration, Al-Hayat reported.

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