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Siddiqui family releases Shoaib and Ayesha (Maha) Siddiqui’s Marriage Certificate

Giving another turn to Shoaib and Sania’s marriage, Siddiqui family from Hyderabad releases Shoaib and Ayesha Siddiqui’s marriage certificate on Friday.

The marriage certificate contains the signature of Shoaib and the groom name as Maha Siddiqui.

“I have released this marriage certificate because Shoaib and his family have constantly been denying this marriage,” Ayesha told the ‘Duniya’ channel from Hyderabad.

Talking about the name Maha, Ayesha told that Maha Siddiqui is her original name as mentioned in her passport, and Ayesha is the name given by her grand mother.

She told that she is the same girl who met Shoaib in Dubai in 2000. And she told that they exchanged photos through internet at that time, and she sent only her pics and not of any other girl.

But Shoaib’s family is continuously denying the allegations while Siddqui’s family saying that Sania will only become his second wife if she marry him.


  1. Shoaib was shown a photograph of a different girl, but the particulars were those of Ayesha (Maha), whom he performed a “telephonic nikkah” with the picture in mind which was forwarded to him by Maha. That’s what we understood so far.
    Due to the possibility of this sort of cheating, telephonic marriages are not accepable within Muslim law. The bride and the bridegroom IN PERSON must declare YES to the Nikkah (even at the time of signing the Nikkah Form) in physical and vidual presence of witnesses.

  2. Ayesha is another ” Ruchika ” in diffrent version. Affected & Ruined by Brand name & Position holder. Technical error of Registration does not effect Relationship. Proofs shown by Ayesha’s Family in Media clearly shows Shoaib’s stand who constantly Ignores & Rejects like ” INDIAN DOSSIERS ” to ” PAK GOVT “. Ayesha is Ignored, Abused, Cheated, Dumped and Emotionally Raped by Shoaib and must be arrested for his Crime. People of India must forget Caste, Creed, Religion and support Ayesha for Justice.

  3. Since when is demonstration anti-democratic? Worth arresting? It seems Congress and allies are jittery, and arrested people in Mumbai for waving black flags at Rahul Gandhi, and now this.
    People are just upset that a married man, who married an Indian women, is denying it in spite of his marriage registration all over Internet. Instead of taking a divorce, he wants people to forget about it.
    The other factor is that there is no sympathy for Pakistanis who support Pakistan, in terrorist activities against Indians. Would you dine with the killer of your family member, friends, or countrymen?

  4. But sanis also cheated poor sohrab. Last minute saying that he is imcompatible. In this full episode it is sohrab and ayesha who suffered

  5. Maha Siddiqui was my junior and her elder sister (Naghma Siddiqui) was my class mate. Maha used to do the same speak tp boys with other names coz her voice was sweet, but physically…..

    Many boys used to fell for her. But they never saw her.

    She is still doing the same. Speaking on the phone and showing other girls photo.

    She is a very mean girl. Her elder sister is as well mean. She is woring in HSBC Hyd.

    I dont know who is right and who is wrong.

    But Maha does not have a good background and the whole of Indian Emabassy School in Jeddah (KSA) agrees with this that she a girl with bad character.

    The house is run by there mom and there father is Allah Miyan Ki Gaey.

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