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Spare Dogs atleast : PETA asks Maoists

Kolkata: Global animal protector PETA asked Maoist supporters and leaders not to poison kennels in their areas of operation.

In an open letter to the Maoists, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) said it had received reports that the ultras had issued a ‘fatwa’ to villagers ordering them to poison dogs and threatened the locals with dire consequences if they failed to comply.

“The Maoists fear that barking dogs will alert residents about the group’s movements, especially at night,” PETA said.

It said that differing groups often struggle to make their message heard and accepted, ‘but all too often, animals get caught in the crossfire. Countless animals are injured or killed in such conflicts, both intentionally and accidentally.’

Stating that animals claim no nation and harbour no weapons, hold no political aspirations and have no part in the Maoists’ battle, yet their lives are being forfeited.

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