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Student sets himself on fire for Telangana

A self-immolation attempt by a pro-Telangana student at the Osmania University campus has escalated tensions in Hyderabad where the police foiled the attempts of the students to take out a rally to the State Assembly on Saturday afternoon.

The 19-year-old student, who was identified as S Yadaiaiah, has suffered nearly 70 per cent burns, and his condition is being said to be critical.

Yadaiah, who set himself ablaze near Café Coffee Day near the NCC gate on the Western side of the Osmania University, rushed towards the policemen present at the gate.

Alarmed policemen doused the fire and shifted him to the hospital in an ambulance.

As the news of Self-immolation spread, students gathered again at the NCC gate and were hurling stones on the police. DIG Charu Sinha was injured in the stone pelting.

The self-immolation comes after pro-Telangana activists broke barricades outside the state Assembly and tried to enter the House and disrupt the ongoing budget session.

The students are demanding resignation of MLAs from Telangana region, and they hope the resignations will pressure the Central government into initiating process for formation of a separate state.

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