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Systems crash at Delhi Airport

All flight operations at the IGI Airport in Delhi have been affected following a systems crash at the Air Traffic Controller. The entire radar systems at the ATC has collapsed.

There have been no takeoffs or landings at the airport ever since the systems crash at around 1800 hrs IST.

The back up system has also failed.

Sources told CNN-IBN that after the systems crash airspace has been reduced to 1/8th of its maximum capacity.

ATC is finding it very difficult to find out the location of aircraft. From Udhampur to Khajuraho, Pakistan-Afghanistan border in the west to Lucknow, the entire airspace has become a blind spot.

The software installed in the ATC Radar has become corrupt. The ATC will restart the system and reload the system with the entire procedure taking three to four hours.

The radar system collapse will lead to massive delays. Sources told CNN-IBN that when the radar was available standard separation between two aircraft was 10 miles but now that will have to be increased to 80 miles.

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