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Two killed for honour in Sirsa, Haryana

Haryana: In what may be yet another suspected case of honour killing, the decomposed bodies of a couple, who eloped recently, have been found in a field in Sirsa, Haryana.

The victims, Inderpal and Maya, had last been seen on September 17, 2010. Both families filed missing complaints. However, the girl’s uncle has now made some shocking allegations. He claimed that Maya was gang-raped by Inderpal along with four other men including the ex-Sarpanch of the village.

The police is now investigating the case. The bodies have been sent for postmortem.

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  1. Please do not dignify the murderers by suggesting they would gain honour by murdering.

    Let us call these ‘shame killings’

    Help, in a small way, to make it plain that these murders bring only more shame on those who are so fearful that they have been shamed. There is no honour in what they do. They bring the shame of the whole world on themselves, more than anything the women ever did.

    Call them “shameful murderers’

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