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Two pilots killed in Hyderabad air show crash

The pilot and co-pilot died and four persons were injured when a Navy plane crashed at an international aviation exhibition and hit a building in a residential area near Begumpet airport in Hyderabad.

Officials tell CNN-IBN the aircraft belonged to the Indian Navy’s aerobatic Sagar Pawan team and it crashed into a two-storied building while performing an aerobatic manoeuvre with three other aircraft.

The aircraft, part of the Navy’s aerobatics team that uses four trainers, was unable to pull up from a dive and went into a spiral as the planes were breaking away from the formation and going at different directions.

IANS reports the aircraft, an HJT-16 Kiran Mk2 trainer built by Hindustan Aeronautics, crashed a couple of minutes before noon near the old Begumpet Airport in the heart of the city.

The air show began at 11:05 am and 15 minutes into the air show one of the aircraft was seen breaking away.

Witnesses said they heard a loud boom, after which the plane went down. A thick cloud of smoke rose to the sky near the Begumpet airport following the accident.

According to witnesses, the plane had crashed into the mobile phone towers on top of the building. They heard a loud boom, after which the plane went down.

The crash occurred on the first day of India Aviation 2010, a five-day event from March 3-7, which will feature exhibition, conference on civil aviation industry, CEOs Forum, flying display, customer demonstration flights, static display and media conferences.

Indian Navy spokesman Commander P V Satish confirmed the accident but did not provide details.

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