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US continues to defy Chinese air defence zone

Washington (PTI): The US continues to defy China by flying its military planes through newly declared Chinese air defence zone in the disputed East China Sea.

“We have not changed our operations at all. We conduct routine operations in the area that is covered by the new Chinese air defence identification zone (ADZ in the East China Sea),” Pentagon spokesperson US Army Col Steve Warren told reporters during an off camera news conference here.

Responding to questions about the American military flight operations in the ADZ in the East China Sea, Warren said there has not been any change in its operations.

“We continue with our normal operations. There has not been a continued bomber presence flight which is the B-2s which flew over last week. We have continued to conduct our routine operations in the area,” he said.

“Our routine operations include that area (ADZ) and we have continued to conduct that operations including through that area,” he added.

“Correct” Warren said when asked that the US is not informing China about its flight operations in the area.

On frequency of the flights, he said, “They are regular, certainly weekly.”

“Nothing unusual. Nothing extraordinary,” he said when asked about any kind of response from the Chinese when the US flies its military plane in the region.

“Our operations continue to be normal. The Chinese reaction to our operations has been normal,” he said.
On November 23, China announced the establishment of the ADZ over the disputed islands called Diaoyu by China and Senkakus by Japan.

Besides the US, countries like Japan, South Korea and Taiwan have sent planes into the zone without informing Beijing, signalling their refusal to recognise China’s declaration.

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