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Video unfolds Beas river tragedy

Mandi (HP) Agencies: Four days after tragedy struck a group of students in Himachal Pradesh, a hair-raising video has surfaced showing graphic details of how students of a Hyderabad engineering college were washed away by a sudden gush of the Beas river water.

The video which was uploaded on Youtube has gone viral. It showed how the students, who were on a trip to Manali, were caught unawares when a strong rapid current carried them away.

The video, probably shot by a local, showed the students standing on boulders in the river bed for a picture-postcard shoot with the gurgling river in the background.

The video showed a wall of water suddenly washing the students away. The victims were screaming and howling. Some of them were trying to swim to save themselves.

Even passersby tried to enter the river but the current was so strong that they did not dare jump into the river. The video showed the students standing on small rocks drowned first.

Other students standing on a big boulder saw their friends being washed away, and desperately tried to save themselves. But they too drowned.

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