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We are Innocent: Saira Banu, Jyoti

Hyderabad: Caught red handed in sex racket Telugu actresses Saira Banu and Jyoti later defended themselves and told that they are innocent.

Talking to the media after attending in the court Saira Banu told that, she don’t know how the things are going on from the few days. Her name came in the drugs issue which raised last week and this time they are trying to involve her in the sex racket. I went there when they told me that there is a movie chance and after going there i found that, it was not a movie office. But task force police were already there and took me to the police station, she added.

Jyoti told that, she knows that person from seven years, and when he told me that there is a role in a movie then i went there. After going there i found that something wrong going on there, and while i am coming out task force police entered the place, she said.

“I came from a middle class family, i am really hurt with this incident. Someone is doing this intentionally. Try to understand me, i am honest and i too have a family”, Jyoti added.

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