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We cannot give up our weapons: Maoists

New Delhi: Home Minister P Chidambaram made a fresh offer to hold talks with Maoists if they ‘suspend’ violence even for just 72 hours but the Left-wing extremists rejected it.

“Maoists should say ‘We will abjure violence. We will suspend violence and actually suspend violence for 72 hours’. We will get the Chief Ministers on board. We will respond. We will fix a date, time and place for talks and let the Maoists come for the talks on anything they wish to talk,” Chidambaram said.

The offer was dismissed by Naxal leader Ramanna who said in Bastar district in Chhattisgarh, ‘we cannot give up our weapons’.

He said the Naxal’s had responded to the Home Minister’s earlier offer for talks. “But the Government did not believe us.”

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