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“Web 2.0″ is the One Millionth English Word

Web 2.0 One Millionth English Word

On June 10th 2009 English crossed One million mark and ‘Web 2.0′ became the One Millionth word. What is the meaning of Web 2.0 ? It refers to Next generation of World Wide Web (WWW) products and services. The reason for adding it as One Millionth word is because it appeared 25,000 times in various searches. The term web 2.0 first appeared in 1999 but became very popular from the past 6 months.

Some of the other popular words which competed for the crown are Noob which refers to a beginner in gaming or other fields , Jai ho which refers to victory, Slumdog which refers to children in Indian slum areas, Cuddies which means ladies underwears etc.,

However many linguists reacted against to it saying it as Bad science, pure publicity stunt and choosing web 2.0 as one millionth word is absolutely nonsense.

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