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Weekend Mexico drug violence: More than 40 dead

Ciudad Juarez (Mexico): Mexico’s deadliest city lived up to its tragic reputation with at least 40 people murdered in drug-related violence in under 72 hours, authorities said.

“These figures are quite high. It is one of the most violent weekends in Ciudad Juarez in years,” said a spokesman yesterday for the Chihuahua state prosecutor’s office.

“On Friday we had 20 murders (in Ciudad Juarez), on Saturday 19 and today Sunday there was one so far,” said the spokesman adding that the killings were apparently related to organised drug crime, based on the type of weapons used.

Separately, four people were gunned down in the Pacific resort town of Acapulco in apparent drug-related killings, authorities said.

Mexico will get four new battalions in its expanding and bloody military clash with drug traffickers close to the US border, President Felipe Calderon said Saturday.

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