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Where is Miss IPL Bollywood ?

Miss IPL Bollywood, the thing that everyone used to talk around last month during IPL season. Now where is she ?

When IPL 2009 started, they announced proudly that they will select a girl, who gets the chance of acting with SRK. It happend when SRK was proud with his team, but then when he started losing matches he left his team and the contest too. Now Miss IPL Bollywood get a chance only to meet SRK and may not be acting with him. And everyone feels that the situation would have been different if SRK’s team performed well in the tournament. So much disappointment for all those who took much time to vote and wanted to see her in a Bollywood movie.

So its depending on Bollywood badshah’s mood. May be he make his team’s cheerleader as his costar if his team performs well in the next IPL.

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