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Wife kills herself, husband used to make her MMS

Mumbai: A woman in Mumbai reportedly committed suicide because her husband used to take her pornographic pictures and videos and circulate it among his friends.

The accused Arun, living in the Pant Nagar area of Mumbai, allegedly used to sedate his wife and then take her nude photos and videos. He also used to beat his wife if she resisted him.

The family of Arun’s wife alleges she committed suicide by burning herself as she was too ashamed and embarrassed by her nude photos and videos being circulated. Before killing herself she reportedly wrote a suicide note in which she gave the details of the atrocities committed on her by Arun.

She reportedly wrote in her suicide note that Arun used to mercilessly beat her if she resisted his actions.

Arun was also allegedly present when his wife burnt herself and reportedly did noting to help or save her. Instead, he reportedly threw a nylon saree on his wife which led to the fire flaring up.

Arun ran away from the house after his wife died but was later arrested by the police.

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