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Woman fined for citing ‘husband’s impotence’ in divorce

New Delhi: An Indian woman has been slapped with a hefty fine for defaming her husband’s manhood after she cited sexual impotence as the reason for divorce.

Vandana Gurjar was ordered to pay Rs 200,000 to her estranged husband Hemant Chhalotre by a judge in central Madhya Pradesh, the ‘Telegraph’ reported.

Gurjar had married Chhalotre nine years ago but left him after just three months.

She later sought a divorce, which was granted by the courts, on the grounds that she ‘could not have conjugal bliss with Chhalotre as he was impotent’.

According to Chhalotre, the impotence accusation by his wife ‘rendered him unmarriageable and sullied his prestige’.

Chhalotre then sued his wife for defaming his manhood.

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